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Edmonton's Best Bakery Prides Itself on Providing a Full Range of Breads & Pastries.

About Us

From everyday white loaf to specialty European breads and pastries, Popular Bakery can custom-make recipes to your specific requirements. Since 1997 we have been supplying Edmonton's finest Restaurant, Hotels and Eateries.

Quality Baked Goods

We Love bread, the taste, the smell. We use the best local ingredients, Alberta Hard Red Spring Wheat. Low in Fat, Cholesterol free, low in sodium and high in fibre. To ensure the best quality and consistency, we only use the best ingredients in our baked goods. We don't use any preservatives in our mixing, as our bakery is a firm believer, in not only taste and texture, but also in wholeness and health. How do we do it? To ensure better product life, we only use natural enzymes to extend the freshness of our goods while still keeping them 100% natural. We only use unbleached flour. Bleaching agents remove all-natural yellow color (carotenoids) from flour; it also changes its nutritional value.

We are not a factory; we are a Bakery. A bakery with real people baking with real ingredients and crafting it with Love! We use Alberta unbleached flour, and we never use any preservatives. You know how large chain bread can last a month without mold? Ours can't!

We age our dough. What does that mean? It means the dough has time to break down the proteins and gluten making it easier on your body.

Our breads have personality, each individual bun or loaf looks slightly different everyday and sometimes aesthetically flawed but always beautiful on the inside.

We hope you love our bread, we made it for you. With love.


What makes Popular Bakery special? We love bread. The smell. The taste, and its texture. It is our tradition using time-honoured, European-inspired traditions that allows us to make great tasting breads. We consider our clients our partners. This is why we want to partner up with you, to create and produce your bread. With this collaborative effort, the best bread choices will be made. Ultimately, as partners we aim to please our Customers. We love Edmonton, and we're proud to be an Alberta Based company. For this reason, we built a new building, with 5000sf of new baking space to accommodate and produce quality baked goods.

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For pick up, please call (780) 471-1770. We will have your order ready.

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For wholesale delivery, please call Paul Soares (780) 710-5055


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