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About Our Edmonton Bakery

Edmonton's best bakery prides itself in providing a full range of breads from everyday white loaf to specialty and European breads. We can also custom make recipes to your specific requirements. Come visit us, have a coffee, and enjoy our famous pastries and desserts.

Quality Baked Goods

To ensure the best quality and consistency, we only use the best ingredients in our baked goods. We don't use any preservatives in our bread, as our bakery is a firm believer, in not only taste and texture, but also in wholeness and health. How do we do it? To ensure better product life, we only use natural enzymes to extend the freshness of our goods while still keep them 100% natural.


Our Commitment is to deliver choice and high quality breads for your establishment.

What makes Popular Bakery special? We love bread. The smell. The taste, and its texture. It is our tradition using time-honoured, European-inspired traditions that allows us to make great tasting breads.

We do not use bleached flour, bleached flour could be recognized by its very white appearance. Bleaching agents remove all natural yellow color (carotenoids) from flour; it also changes its nutritional value.

Delivery Times

This is one area that is often overlooked in a bakery operation, but we think it is one of the most important steps of keeping you happy with our product. What is the point of making great tasting bread if you can't use on time.

We take this step very seriously and deliver your bread in the time that you need it for the prep work. Please advise Paul Soares the best time for your delivery. We offer a consistent reliable delivery service with you always in mind.

List Of Our Baked Goods

Popular Breads

reg White Loaf
reg Whole Wheat
db White (Texas)
db Brown (Texas)
12 Grain
db Multigrain
reg Raisin
db Raisin
Baguette (White)
Baguette (Whole Wheat)
Pumpernickel Loaf
Calabrese Loaf
Austrian Multigrain


6" White Subs
6" White Subs (with Sesame)
6" Whole Wheat Subs
12" White Subs
12" White Subs (with Sesame)
12" Whole Wheat Subs
8" White & Whole Wheat
sm Hot Dog Buns


Kaiser Buns
Cheese Kaiser
Sesame Kaiser
Sundried Tomato Kaiser
Pesto Kaiser
Pumpernickel Kaiser
Multigrain Kaiser
Whole Wheat Kaiser

Specialty Loafs

Jalapeño Cheese Loaf
Olive Cheese Loaf
Rustic Sourdough
Sundried Tomato Loaf
Cranberry Walnut Loaf
San Miguel Loaf


Whole Wheat Buns
Portuguese Buns
Tray Buns (Whole Wheat)
Tray Buns (White)
Wild Rice Soft Buns
Health Buns
Sourdough Buns
lg Rye Buns
lg Multigrain Buns
lg Pumpernickel Buns
Baby Buns (White)
Baby Buns (Whole Wheat)
Baby Buns (Multigrain)


Country Rye
Medium Rye
Caraway Rye
Dark Rye
Pullman Loaf
Light Rye
Winnipeg Rye
Low Carb Loaf (Whole Wheat)


lg Danish (Assorted)
sm Danish (Assorted)
lg Cinnamon Buns
sm Cinnamon Buns
sm Croissants
Horn Cones (Cream)
Horn Cones (Custard)
Cream Pastry
Puff Pastry


lg Hamburger Buns
Hamburger Onion Buns
Hamburger (with Sesame Seed)